During the press conference of Thursday, September 2, held at Cagliari’s airport, the “Isola dello sport” (The Sport Island) project was introduced and presented by the regional councillor for tourism Giovanni Chessa: this project includes a set of 26 international competitions and sporting events that will be held in Sardinia until the end of December.

With this project, Sardinia wants to promote tourism using sporting events as the main driver, in order to show what the territory can offer during the whole year. The region announced that a budget of approximately 11,5 million Euros has been allocated for the project, which is estimated to have a strong impact on the economy. All the main cities of the island will be involved in this project of tourism promotion through events related to motorboat, tennis, beachvolley, golf, sailing and more.

Thus, Sardinian tourism will restart from sport.

During the conference, the FIM Sardinia Grand Prix sport event was presented: it will be held in Cagliari from the 22nd to the 26th of September and it will be an important step for the whole “Isola dello sport” project.